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Trump Appears in Phoenix in Klan Robe

A larger than life Donald Trump appeared in Phoenix wearing a Klan robe. It's interesting that Arizona, a state on the back burner as far as the national race is considered, has two and a half times as many campaign staffers as Trump and the Republicans have in the entire country. (75 vs. 30).
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Leading Political Analyst Doubtful on McCain
We asked Larry Sabato, one of the top three political analysts in the United States, why his website Sabato's Chrystal Ball, rated John McCain's race against Ann Kirkpatrick for the Arizona U.S. Senate seat as "lean Republican." Here is what he said:
"We have his rating lower than anyone else and did it early. It's June. We're watching."
Dr. Larry J. Sabato
Director, Center for Politics
University Professor of Politics
University of Virginia

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Native Americans Turn Out To Nominate Democrats
In three highly successful events, Native Americans have given overwhelming support to the nomination of Democratic candidates throughout northeast Arizona. Starting in Whiteriver, White Mountain Apaches lined up to give an unprecedented 100 signatures plus to county, state and federal candidates.
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Moody's Says Trump Would Create Recession
Moody's, the financial analysis company that rates bonds for Wall Street, says Trump's plans would create a lengthy recession.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

Washington Post Says Arizona Hispanics Could Defeat Trump
The Washington Post says Arizona Hispanics could defeat Donald Trump.
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Source: Washington Post

Mrs. Goldwater Appalled by Trump
Word has come down from the most respected family name in Arizona's Republican politics -- dump Trump.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

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