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Native Americans Turn Out To Nominate Democrats
In three highly successful events, Native Americans have given overwhelming support to the nomination of Democratic candidates throughout northeast Arizona. Starting in Whiteriver, White Mountain Apaches lined up to give an unprecedented 100 signatures plus to county, state and federal candidates.
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Kayenta Event A Smashing Success

Navajo County Democrats had a smashing success with an event Wednesday in Kayenta. A number of candidates collected more than 100 signatures for their nominating petitions while new voters were registered. Candidates spoke to the crowd in English and Navajo. More than 500 hotdogs were served.
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White Mountain Dems Successful in Signature Collection

Campaign field director Keith Brekhus works with members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe in collecting signatures for federal, state and county candidates at an event in Whiteriver. Some of the many candidates attending were able to collect more than 100 signatures and meet many voters on the day of the Tribal election.
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McCain Attacks Primary Opponent for her Anti-Obamacare Position
John McCain launches attack on primary opponent for her nutty positions, including her anti-Obamacare statements. Is John beginning to see the light?
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Source: McCain Campaign email

Trump, McCain in Deep Trouble in Arizona
Both Donald Trump and John McCain are in deep trouble in Arizona. If Trump fails to win Arizona, he is done. No Republican can put together a path to victory without Arizona's 11 electoral votes.
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Source: Public Policy Poling

Non-Indian Gaming Industry Goes for Broke With Trump
The Non-Indian Gaming Industry is betting heavily on Trump.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

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