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Service Dogs Howl, Rep. Thorpe Loses With Dopey Bill
Rep. Bob Thorpe of Legislative District 6 again made a fool of himself by introducing a bill that would allow restaurant owners to ban service dogs.

It was laughed out of the Legislature and discarded.

The Arizona Republic called it a dopey bill.
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Navajo County Shined in Democratic Turnout
A new analysis of the 2014 election shows Navajo County as one of only three counties in the state that beat the turnout projections of the Democratic party.

Navajo County Democrats exceeded turnout by 3.2% while Cochise was up 2.9% and Gila was up 2.1%.

Meanwhile, Maricopa was 6.6% below the expected Democratic turnout and Pima underperformed by 10.5%.
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Kirkpatrick Stands Up for Homeland Security
WASHINGTON U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., denounced Republican attempts to tangle up funding for the Department of Homeland Security with partisan schemes to punish immigrant children.

Kirkpatrick issued a statement after voting no on several amendments and final passage of H.R. 240, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015.
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Veterans Leader Endorses DuVal, Unhappy with Ducey Lip Service
A leader among Arizona veterans endorses Fred DuVal for governor, and praises his plan for improving support for veterans in Arizona. He was unhappy with Ducey's refusal to talk to meet with veterans.
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Source: East Vally Tribune

Tobin Disrespects Native Americans, Again
Andy Tobin, a legend is his own polls, has again declared himself the leader of the race for the 1st Congressional District by assuming that Native Americans will not vote.
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Source: ADP

GOP Nuts Slander AZ's Most Distinguished Family
In a GOP world where lies are more important than facts, Republicans got badly burned by telling an outrageous whopper about a member of Arizona's Udall family.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

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